Saturday 9 May 2009

National Show update

I thought as I was left at home wondering how things were going down south, and maybe some of you out there were doing the same, I would update you with the progress of NEBAG members.

You will have to bear with me as I am relying on Paul (who is showing our animals) to fill me whilst I am home on birthing duty - which before you ask still hasn't happened.

The junior white class was a big one with 32 animals Barnacre Lualeni was placed 3rd with Fallowfield Isadora 4th.

We had two rosettes heading back up the A1 from the intermediate fawn females, Fowberry La-Luna was placed 2nd with our own Barnacre Chiquita 5th.

Nero Black have won 3rd place in the Intermediate black female class, and Woodhall Alpacas have won two 4th places.

I'm sorry if I have missed anyone off!

The northern members have come away well in the fleece show too. In the intermediate white class we (Barnacre) have won 3rd & 4th place with Northumbrian Alpacas getting 5th. We have also won a 2nd place in the adult grey class.

With more judging tomorrow the rosette haul for NEBAG members could increase further, fingers crossed.

Debbie Rippon
Barnacre Alpacas