Monday 5 January 2009


Congratulations must go to Paul Rippon for setting up this excellent Blog. We are very lucky to have such expertise within NEBAG - thank you very much Paul.

I must confess that I haven't actually used a Blog before as I am a bit of an old fogey, but since I was the one who suggested it at the AGM, It would be truly remiss of me not to give it a try. Come on all you lot out there - if I can do it I'm sure most of you can give it a try. I suspect it will become quite addictive!

We must all remember that this is to be a replacement for our regular newsletter, so it will be a great way of keeping everyone updated with tips, news, photos, details of events, etc.

Melanie Douglas
Fallowfield Alpacas (

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  1. Thanks Melanie - and your posting is perfect!

    Come on NEBAG members share a story or some information?!

    Paul Rippon
    Barnacre Alpacas