Thursday 15 January 2009

Ultrasound Scanners

I'm thinking about getting my own scanner, as our herd is growing it would make more sense to have one of our own, but I'm not sure which would be best.

Does anyone have any experience or recommendations?

Debbie Rippon


  1. Apparently there is a really good one coming onto the market, I think it is called easiscann, a portable light weight one, but I dont know how much it is, I think you can get some more info on the web....looks good.....Jayne

  2. BCF Technology is the manufacturer who does the can check it out on the web..hope this helps...Jayne

  3. Hi Debbie,

    Saw you question about scanners, thought I ought to put my thoughts forward (sorry I am not a NEBAG member). Hope you don't mind me butting in.

    We have a BCF Technologies scanner, it is excellent, but a bit pricy. Their back up and training is excellent. Quality equipment, backed up by excellent service.

    Hope that helps.


  4. Thanks for your comments folk, it's great that non-members are looking and commenting. I'm waiting for BCF to get back to me.